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A New Way To Pay!

Finally it's here! A new way to pay. Are you in a pinch and really can't wait to start on your new system or set up in your home? Creative Wiring Solutions, Inc. is excited to use our Square products to allow our customers more flexibility to pay for their dream theater or even in a quick pinch while you wait for the anticipated tax refund or holiday bonus! No need to wait we can have you ready for the holidays or those special events and you will be ready to entertain!

We still gladly accept cash, check, credit cards, debit cards and now you have the option of installment payments!

This offer of installment options will allow you, our customer the flexibility of working on payment options directly with Square. NO longer needing to wait till next month to start the project we can start now. So feel free to inquire directly with Square or just click the blue box below!

Here is the direct link to apply today to start you on your way to your dream set up!

Creative Wiring Solutions, Inc.


New Payment Options!

Square Installments lets you break up payments for a purchase.

Next time you shop with us you’ll have a new option to pay over time. This is offered through Square Capital and lets eligible customers pay for purchases in monthly installments.*

Here’s how it works:

• If your purchase is $250-$10,000, apply online in a few steps to find out if you qualify.

• If you’re approved and accept, you’ll get a digital card to complete your purchase in-store or over-the-phone.

• Choose the monthly installment plan that works for your budget.

See your total cost up front; there are no hidden fees.

Learn More

Questions? Please email them directly to Square Capital at or learn more about Square Installments here.


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