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Using your network and being safe!

You sit waiting anxiously for that package that you ordered just a day ago. Who would have thought 2 day delivery would seem like forever! Finally, the package has arrived and you start opening it and plugging it in never looking at the recommendations and safety you say to yourself I don't need to read the directions or head the warnings, this is easy and I know how it works.......

Stop........Look......Read and BE AWARE!

With technology always changing on a daily basis it is more important then ever to protect you and your family. With theft identity being a huge problem now we have to worry about networks, wifi and violating privacy acts. Here are some questions you should ask yourself along with recommendations.

  • Is my wi-fi secure? Your wi-fi needs to be secure to protect you, your equipment and your privacy. With an unsecure network anyone can use your network wi-fi, use your apps and even look at your security cameras and the list could go on.

  • The first thing you should do is change the name and factory default passwords in your router / networks ......anyone can figure those out!

  • Do you have a password on your wi-fi network? Having a password on your network/wi-fi is highly important. It will stop those odd cars that randomly stop in front of your house to use your wi-fi and it will make it more difficult to tap into your homes wi-fi brain, It does help in making it more complicated for strangers to create VPN's. I would ask yourself do you share your food with just anyone? Same thing here, do you know who's using your wi-fi?

  • Is your network wi-fi password easy to figure out? Your password MUST be challenging...we know its a hassle to but its important...Just write the password down and put it with your router paperwork in your important paper file. I suggest capital letters, symbols and more than 6 characters and if possible remember to change that password as you would any other banking account or email.

  • Do you know who is using your wi-fi? You have no idea who is using your wi-fi especially if you don't have a password. Those random cars that we allow into our neighborhoods or driveways to use what we pay for. Did you know that internet fees could go up with your subscriber based on your usage. Yes, they keep track of that and know how much you use it so if you have a lot of people that you share your internet with this is a good way to take control of your dollars too! Do you have service workers that you are no longer using or people that have visited with you that you shared your password with? If the answer to that is yes you need to change your passwords ASAP!

  • Did you know that on your router that you have many of them have options to allow guest users and additional users for your family, movies, music and more.

  • Did you know that if you don't secure your wi-fi anyone can use it and use it against you or for their own needs? Sadly this is true. Do you want someone else watching your kids play in the backyard or know exactly when your home. They can tap into your network and watch your cameras or even your smart home set up programs!

Basically, the bottom line is not to scare anyone about your networks but to educate them. We are a very trusting world when it comes to the internet and if we are proactive and take safety in the virtual world then consider this almost like free insurance on your car. Protect yourself, those you love and those around you.

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